My husband and I consummated our ma...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

My husband and I consummated our marriage before its due time as we only conducted our marriage officially and promised to wait for next year to celebrate our wedding.


I ve got married last month with a brother and everything el hamdulelah was clear as we have decided to celebrate our wedding next year Inshallah. So we made just a small dinner between our nearest familiars celebrating our Qiran. What happened is that as the first time that we ve got to be alone we couldn t control ourselves and we consummated our marriage right in the middle of the Kitchen. We ve been discovered by my mother who saw me bleeding (it was really a bad position and that caused me hemorrhage). You could imagine what happened next my parents threw out my husband and his family in Fajr time.

As much as he asked for forgiveness or tried to explain that it was his fault they didn t want to hear anything even I haven t been forced. He tried many days after that and there wasn t any way to convince them. They forced me to proceed with the divorce for the reason that he is a savage and there is no way to stay with him anymore. In case I choose him I ll be out home as well forgetting about them for ever. I am still shocked about it all together. From one side I ve got my husband who doesn t want separation or divorce. From the other side my parents put pressure on me to either obey them or leave home. I need to know what religion says in this situation.

I know that it wasn t the moment neither the place to do that... But couldn t stop him because I didn t imagine that we will go far like this. Help me to find a small light..Jazakum Allah Khayran.


Honorable sister

You can seek the help of any wise member in your family to intermediate for resolving this problem wisely. This is especially that your marriage has been already consummated and you are no longer a virgin. Aborting any chance to continue this marriage in this sensitive time will distance any other male to marry you in the future. Actually completing this marriage for the time being takes presence over insisting on such formalities that your family demands.

You are entitled to make the final decision regarding continuing your marital relationship. However at the same time you should maintain the ties of kinship with your family as much as possible. Allah never burdens a person over what he/she can bear. Being dutiful to parents does not mean to follow their commands blindly.

You should make remembrance of Allah and invoke peace and blessings on the Prophet in abundance.

May Allah grant you success and amend your affairs.

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