What is the irrevocable (ba'in) div...

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What is the irrevocable (ba'in) divorce?


What is the irrevocable (ba'in) divorce?


• Irrevocable divorce [Ar.al-Talaq al-Ba'in]
It is a divorce where the husband cannot take his ex-wife back unless with her consent, conducting a new marriage contract and paying new bridal wealth [Ar.mahr]
• Forms of irrevocable divorce:
In irrevocable divorce the wife either does the following:
- Pays compensation to the husband to get divorce.
- Waives all her rights after getting divorce.
• Types of irrevocable divorce:
- Minor irrevocable divorce [first and second pronouncements of divorce where husband can take his ex-wife back during her waiting period [Ar.Idda).
- Major irrevocable divorce [third pronouncement of divorce where the wife becomes unlawful unless she marries and separates form another man).

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