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Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Spouses watching pornographic movies together, is this permissible?


I have been married for 12 years. My husband asks me to watch pornographic movies with him and if I do not, he watches alone and masturbates. This situation has created a rift in our marriage. He moreover keeps telling me that he is not pleased with me and that I am not like other women. I sometimes feel responsible for driving him to masturbate and tell myself that if I agree to his request, he will satisfy his desire with me. My question is, should I obey him or should I remain steadfast and refuse to watch these movies with him? Please note that he prays, gives out charity in abundance, has performed ‘umra, and is an upright person in spite of this one fault.


It is prohibited to watch pornographic movies and you must strive through all means to prevent him from doing so even if this means tricking him into thinking that you will watch them with him. At the same time, you should adorn yourself for him and fulfill his physical and emotional needs, and with your talents, get him to fulfill his desire with you and prevent him from masturbating. This is by way of committing the lesser harm to ward off the greater. You must think of clever ways to accomplish this matter to make him feel that he does not need to watch these abominable movies and that lawful intimate relations will allow him to dispense with what is unlawful and evil. By doing so, you will, by the will of God, help your husband desist from watching these movies instead of leaving him prey to his [unlawful] desires and from succumbing to the devil’s manipulation.

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