I am a Muslim woman, Could I marry ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

I am a Muslim woman, Could I marry a Christian man?


I am a Muslim woman, Could I marry a Christian man?


The Muslim woman is not eligible to marry a non-Muslim man because of the religious responsibility that the husband in Islam is expected to bear. In Islam the husband must respect the religion of his wife even if she does not share his religious convictions. He has no right to prevent her from her own ritual worship or deprive her from going to her houses of worship like the church or the synagogue. Also the husband in Islam has no right whether implicitly or explicitly to convince let alone force his non-Muslim wife to convert to Islam. All these religious responsibilities are asked by the Muslim husband towards his non-Muslim wife and for this reason the non-Muslim woman should not be afraid of getting married to a Muslim man because he is asked by his own religion to respect her religious beliefs. Also Islam as a religion believes in the divine origin of Christianity and Judaism and a lot of common values are shared among the three Abrahamic faiths. Also Muslims hold and revere both Moses and Jesus and believe in them as prophets of God. All this religious background that the Muslim husband has, gives immense assurance for the non-Muslim wife that her religion will remain intact without any potential jeopardy.

Your case is the total opposite. In Christianity, there is no obligation for the Christian man to respect the religion of his non Christian woman. Christianity does not believe in Islam being a religion or in Prophet Muhammad as the final prophet of God. In other words, there is no guarantee for your religion to remain intact without any potential jeopardy.

Another important aspect is that Islam is not just simply a religion in which you are only required to fast a month in the year and pray fives times a day and you are off the hook. Islam in essence is much more comprehensive; it is a life style and a paradigm of ethics and values which husband and wife share together to build a healthy family. These bases are not naturally found when you marry a non-Muslim man.

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