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Do the ruqyah verses of the Qur`an drive away magic and sorcery?


Do the ruqyah verses of the Qur`an drive away magic and sorcery?


A Muslim must be certain in his heart that it is only God the Almighty Who can cure and drive away any harm and that He disposes of all affairs however He wills. Therefore, He has forbidden us to visit magicians, sorcerers, fortune-tellers or seek their help even if they claim they deal only with Muslim Jinn since this is not based on solid evidence.

In addition, it is impossible for a person to be absolutely sure whether the Jinn from who help is sought is a Muslim or kafir ( disbeliever) as they are invisible and we do not know whether or not they tell the truth.

God the Almighty says, “And that certain individuals of mankind used to seek the protection of certain individuals of the jinn so that they increased them in oppressiveness”[Al-Jinn: 6]. Accordingly, it is not permissible for anyone to accuse others of practicing magic save by producing solid evidence which neither applies to the word of Jinn nor to that of the person who thinks he is under some kind of spell. God the Almighty says in the Holy Quran, “O you who believe, shun much suspicion. Indeed some suspicions are sins”[Al-Hujurat: 12].

If Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was only able to know the person who cast a spell on Him through revelation, how could some sorcerers accuse others of casting magic without having a solid evidence through divine revelation. Thus, it is incumbent upon a Muslim not to believe these people because this would lead to societal unrest, severance of kinship ties and collapse of families. Moreover, it is not permissible for a Muslim to consult, visit, or seek Ruqyah (protective or healing words) from the aforementioned individuals as it merely comprises the recitation of verses or chapters from the Holy Qur`an and invocations prescribed in the Shari’ah which can all be made by any Muslim.

To obtain the benefit of Ruqyah, do not place all your hopes on it but on the power of God the Almighty. On the other hand, we call on all Muslims to avoid becoming the target for such accusations, and to keep away from the tricks of magicians and sorcerers such as the false amulets they make, their claims of protecting from the evil eye and all other suspicious acts.
And God knows best.


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