Is intention a condition for sujud ...

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Is intention a condition for sujud al-shukr ?


Is intention a condition for sujud al-shukr ?


Whenever a blessings appears in one’s life or an affliction is averted, it is recommended to perform sujud al-shukr [prostration of thanks to God the Almighty]. Conditions for its validity are similar to those for prayer. These include: ablution, covering the ‘awra [the parts of the body which must be concealed], facing the Ka'ba, ritual purity and intention.

The book Umdat Al-Salik mentions sujud al-tilawa [prostrations of Quran recital] as a Sunnah for both the reciter and listener… It is preferable to perform sujud al-shukr when a manifest blessing appears in one’s life or a manifest affliction is averted, such as having a vision in which a person is afflicted with a sin or an illness, to prostrate out of thanks to God ….

It is worth mentioning here that it is permissible to offer the prostration of thanks whenever a new grace is bestowed upon you, but it is impermissible to offer it for a permanent grace. Imam Al-Nawawi (may God have mercy on him) said: “Prostrating for the continuation of a blessing is not permissible because they never stop”[Al-Majmu’, vol. 4, p. 68]. Prostration as a single devotional act is impermissible since it should be offered within a prayer.
And God the Almighty knows best.

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