I would like to conduct my marriage...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

I would like to conduct my marriage in a simple Islamic manner. How can I carry this out?


I would like to conduct my marriage in a simple Islamic manner. How can I carry this out?


It is highly commendable that you wish your marriage to be free from all the customs which have been introduced in order to maintain appearances and try to preserve the position of the two families in the society. This is certainly not one of the purposes of marriage according to Islam.

The marriage contract is made simply by the bride’s guardian making a spoken offer and its acceptance by the groom. The bride’s guardian commits himself to marrying her to the groom if the agreed upon conditions are met, and the groom accepts the commitment which means that he is prepared to honor these conditions. A dowry is fixed between the two parties and it becomes payable when the contract is made. If both parties agree, payment of the whole amount or any part of it can be deferred.

When this has taken place, the marriage is made. The wedding can take place at any time, and indeed the bride and the groom can live together in their new family home without a wedding party, if they so wish. The contract, which is witnessed by at least two persons, is sufficient. However, it is desirable to publicize the marriage. This is the purpose of the wedding party which can be as simple as one chooses.

What is recommended for the groom to do, is to arrange a dinner party for relatives, neighbors and friends. Again, this need not be a grand affair. A simple one is preferable. The idea is to allow neighbors and relatives to share in the happy occasion. Apart from this, nothing is required.

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