Fasting the 10th of Muharam: Turnin...

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Fasting the 10th of Muharam: Turning a New Leaf

Fasting the 10th of Muharam: Turning a New Leaf

God Al Mighty preferred some periods of time over others and singled out some specific days to bestow His grace and mercy on those who seek refuge in Him and turn back to Him on these special blessed days.

The 10th day of the Hijri month of Muharam is one of these blessed days in which God Al Mighty showers his servants with His divine mercy and encompasses them with His overarching grace. God offers a unique opportunity for having a new start in our relationship with Him in order not to fall into despair due to our long heedlessness or our accumulated sins. God Al Mighty always provides us with hope for change.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) out of love for us was always keen on encouraging Muslims to seize the blessed days and enjoy God's grace. When it comes to the benefit of the 10th of Muharam, the Prophet said that fasting the 10th day of Muharam expiates for the sins committed in the previous year. The Prophet also highly recommended fasting the 9th day of Muharam as it was reported that he said " Next year if God wills I will fast the 9th of Muharam".

When the companion Ibn 'Abbas was once asked about the issue of fasting the 10th day of Muharam, he said "I didn't see the Prophet so keen to fast and seize the grace of any day of the year like he did in the 10th day of Muharam".

Also fasting the 10th day of Muharam is a long standing prophetic legacy as a lot of prophets used to fast on this day such as Prophet Noah and Prophet Moses. It was reported by Abu Hurairah that the Prophet said, "Prophets used to fast on the 10th day of Muharam, and so should you all".

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