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The Observatory of Islamophobia: February saw twenty-three attacks in eleven different countries

The Observatory of Islamophobia: February saw twenty-three attacks in eleven different countries

March 9, 2020

The Observatory of Islamophobia at Egypt’s Dar Al-Ifta issued its monthly index of Islamophobia to monitor and analyze the attacks and violations against Muslims worldwide in February 2020.
The Index reported 23 Islamophobic attacks in eleven countries covering different geographical areas including America, Australia and countries of South Asia. These Islamophobic attacks ranging through 5 patterns while terrorism is the most dangerous of them.

The Observatory reported that 12 attacks out of total 23 with a figure of 52.2% took place in countries of South Asia, leaving 34 dead and 200 injured from among the supporters of anti-Muslim parties. The number of attacks based on administrative and legislative discrimination against Muslims come at the top of the list with an approximate figure of 41.6%. Coming up next is the number of physical attacks against Muslims with a figure of 25% of the total percentage of attacks in South Asia.

According to the Index for the month of February, France comes in second place recording two attacks against Muslims thought to have been perpetrated by right-wing extremists. France also witnessed the continuation of issuing anti-Muslim administrative and legislative laws that included strict access to mosques and nominating Imams.

The Observatory mentioned that Islamophobic attacks targeted three categories of Muslims: Individuals with a figure of 37.9 % in countries of Asia followed by (France, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland and Britain). Coming up next are the mosques with a figure of 13%, while the third category of attacks targeted immigrants with a figure of 13% ranging from psychological attacks, legislative discrimination and terrorism.

The Observatory concluded its report by noting that it is indispensable to counter theses extremist groups and its aberrant rhetoric that enhances violence and hostility against Muslims and justifies attacks against them through changing legislation and policies.

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