How should I deal with homosexuals ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

How should I deal with homosexuals in the society I live in?

How should I deal with homosexuals in the society I live in?

Homosexuality is defined as having a sexual attraction towards the same gender and is religiously prohibited due to its defiance to the divine structure of family and to the purpose of creation of Adam and Eve. Also the dreadful negative consequences of living and raising children in a family where its natural structure is being tampered with, speak volume against those who promote this type of unnatural life.

There are number of reasons which leads to same-sex attraction, some of these reasons are due to the way of parenting and raising children, some are related to the social surrounding and some are due to psychological issues. The point is that such unnatural sexual preference cannot be due to the natural combination of a person because if Allah created a person as a homosexual, how does He punish him for a sexual orientation that he was born with?

Therefore, Muslims maintain their position of prohibiting homosexuality and believe that the horrendous consequences of legalizing such grave sin are destructive to the society at large. As for Muslim individuals who happen to live in a society where homosexuality is permissible, Muslims should differentiate between the committed sin and the sinner. Muslims are commanded to be merciful towards all Allah’s creatures and thus if people commit a disobedient or sinful act, Muslims ought to condemn such dreadful acts but should maintain to see the sinner with the eyes of mercy and compassion and with a heart pleading for guidance and forgiveness. Muslims are not appointed as judges on others and are not asked to force people to abandon sins and lead a straight life. Muslims are asked to show the best moral guide through their fine character and religious commitment along with their merciful heart and cheerful face in order for the light of faith to shine in people’s heart.

Therefore, If asked about your opinion on the issue of homosexuality, you should express your religious position towards it and explain the reasons for your disapproval of such acts with kindness and an open heart. You should also look at the sinners with a merciful eye supplicating Allah the Almighty to guide them to the straight path. When it comes to personal relationships with homosexuals, we should follow the example of Prophet Lut who did not isolate himself from his people who were committing homosexuality yet he disassociated himself from their gatherings and social activities.

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