The ablution of a person suffering ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

The ablution of a person suffering from urinary incontinence


t no. 2436 for the year 2003 which includes the following:
The inquirer suffers from urinary incontinence, with intermittent drops of urine coming from him half an hour after urination. Madhy and wady also exit an hour or two after ablution and praying.


If the case is as mentioned in the question, then the inquirer is to make ablution and pray before urinating. If not possible, he is to urinate and then wait for some time until the drops of urine exit and then perform ablution and pray; there is no harm if he misses a group prayer. If drops of urine continue to exit until the time of the next prayer enters, he is to make ablution and pray even if drops of urine exit during prayer.

As for madhy (discharge caused by amorous play and kissing) and wady (discharge that exits after urination) exiting after making ablution and praying, the inquirer is to wash the affected area and then make ablution if he wishes to pray.

The answer to the question is known from the above and Allah Almighty knows best.

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