The Hajj of a menstruating woman

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

The Hajj of a menstruating woman


My period has become irregular lately, and I might be lucky enough to be called for Hajj this year. If I am fortunate enough and get to go to Hajj this year, and my period starts while I am on pilgrimage, will the Hajj still be accepted?


Thank you for your question.

May God Almighty grant you the blessing of Hajj this year and accept it from you.

Muslim jurists uphold the permissibility for women experiencing menstruation, postnatal bleeding, or ritual impurity to engage in all the rites of Hajj except for Tawaf and the performance of the two rak'ahs associated with Tawaf. Consequently, a woman in menstruation or postnatal bleeding may enter into the state of Ihram, though it is recommended for her to bathe beforehand. Additionally, it is permissible for women in these conditions to partake in the recommended baths during Hajj, to stand at 'Arafat, and perform other rites, as indicated by the Prophet's statement, "Do what pilgrims do except for Tawaf." A woman experiencing menstruation or postnatal bleeding must maintain the Hajj rituals and abstain from performing Tawaf until she achieves purity. In cases where a woman fears her companions may depart before she can complete Tawaf, and she cannot wait until her menstruation ends, some scholars permit her to circumambulate the Ka'bah while wearing a sanitary pad to prevent any soiling of the mosque. However, regarding Tawaf Al-Wada' (Farewell Tawaf), it is permissible for a woman to omit it.

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