Naming mosques after individuals

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Naming mosques after individuals


We reviewed request no. 68 for the year 2004 which includes an inquiry about the legal ruling for naming mosques after individuals or after those who built them.


    There is no objection to naming mosques after individuals whether or not they built them or to perpetuate the memory of a scholar, ruler or a reformer if he is deserving of it. Alternatively, a mosque may be named after a person to distinguish it from another mosque such as the mosques of 'Amru ibn al-'As', 'Imam al-Shafi'I' and the like provided the intention for doing so is good. This is due to the words of the Prophet [pbuh] who said: "Deeds are according to intentions." However, it is impermissible to name a mosque after a person if this is done out of dissemblance and arrogance.

Allah the Almighty knows best

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