Raising voices while following the ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Raising voices while following the funerl procession


The inquirer says that some people beat drums during the funeral procession and some repeatedly yell "La ilah illa Allah Mohammadun rasul Allah" (There is no deity except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah). He seeks legal clarification on this matter.


It is disliked to make loud noises while following the funeral procession whether this is by an instrument such as the drum or human voices, because the Prophet forbade this.


- Ibn al-Mundhir said, "We were informed that Qais Ibn 'Abad said, "The Companions of the Prophet disliked that voices be raised on three occasions: funerals, dhikr (making remembrance of Allah) and battles."
- Fudail Ibn Amr said, " Ibn 'Umar was attending a funeral when he heard someone say, "Ask forgiveness for him [the deceased], may Allah forgive you!" Ibn 'Umar said: "May Allah not forgive you!" i.e. for raising his voice.
- Abu Dawud reported that the Prophet said, "Do not follow the funeral with raised voices or fire except if the burial is at night and light is needed. [In such a case] there is no objection."

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