Is it permissible to work in Qnet m...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Is it permissible to work in Qnet marketing company?


I joined this company qnet after readings some fatwas. kindly clarify if this is legal or not. Thank you.


Network marketing is a widespread form of marketing adopted by Qnet. It sells products and services based on a multi-level marketing strategy which admits a binary compensation plan where newly recruited independent representatives are structured in the form a binary tree.


After consulting economy experts and parties involved in this form of transaction, the fatwa council at Dar Al-Ifta` Al-Missiryah declared that this form of transaction is prohibited in Islamic law [Shari'ah] due to the following reasons:

- It negatively affects the economy.
- It destabilizes the market policy.
- Individuals involved in this transaction lack legal protection and the required financial supervision.
- The sold commodity is not sold for its sake.

This ruling pertains to the above mentioned form of transaction.

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