Can a man get married if he lacks f...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Can a man get married if he lacks financial resources?


Is the man allowed to marry a woman when he doesn't have the financial means of supporting his wife due to his status as a student? The woman's family has agreed that the she will have to support herself while they are married and they are okay with that. However, the man's family is objecting and saying that he has to have some income in order to support his wife.


Marriage issues require considering the couple's social status and compatibility. A person must not be hasty in making a marriage decision; rather, he must seek the advice of his family and learn from their experiences. In fact, marriage is not a picnic, but a responsibility and establishing a family with expenses which in turn necessitates the couple's financial independence to support the family. However, the marriage is valid if the contract meets its conditions and integrals.

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