I married my husband for a certain ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

I married my husband for a certain time period (zawaj mut’ah) which ends in October, is this Islamic?


Mutt'a marriage 

I have signed a matrimonial contract for 6 months and I said I marry you myself and he accepted and he gave some money to charity as was taught by a shi’a person, and I heard that this marriage existed but was stopped by Caliph Umar, this agreement ends in October, I want to double check is this ok in Islam?


Temporary marriage [Zawaj Al-Mutt'a] is a contract that allows a man to enjoy the person of a woman in return for money and for an [pre-agreed upon] period after which the marriage dissolves spontaneously. The Sunnis have agreed that this type of marriage is prohibited [haram].

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