Should my dad cover my expenses aft...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Should my dad cover my expenses after divorcing my mother?


My question is: My father has stopped paying for any of my expenses after he got a divorce from my mother claiming that it is not his duty to pay any money to cover any of my expenses since I have a job. And since 10 months I have not received any money from him. Please note that I am also not married. So I would like to know if indeed it is his right to stop covering my expenses just because I have a job or is he still obliged to pay for my living expenses until I get married? Thank you


The father is obliged to support his daughter financially as long she is unmarried. However, if she works and her salary suffices all of her expenses, then it is not obligatory upon him to cover her expenses. Spending on one's daughter has a lofty meaning, since it evokes feelings of paternal support. Likewise, it is important in that it contributes to filial piety and maintaining ties of kinship.

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