Plucking the eyebrows

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Plucking the eyebrows


Is it prohibited to remove the hair exceeding from the eyebrows? Is it prohibited to remove the hair between the two eyebrows?


Al-Bukhari and Muslim narrated through Abdu Allah ibn Mas'oud, may Allah be pleased with him, said:

Allah curses the woman who perform tattoos, get tattoos, the woman who pluck the eyebrows of others, and those women who get their eyebrows plucked, and part their teeth for adornment; who change Allah’s creation.

The statement of Abd Allah ibn Mas'ud reached a woman from Bani Asad who was called Um Ya'cub. She came to him and said: "It came to my knowledge that you have cursed so and so. "He replied: "Why would I not curse the one the Prophet [PBUH] cursed. The one mentioned in the book of Allah the Almighty [Meaning the Prophet] Allah says:
So accept whatever the Messenger gives you, and abstain from whatever he forbids you. [59:7]
• Plucking:
The ruling of plucking parts of the face other than the eyebrows varies between prohibition and permissibility. Upon this the scholars based their difference.

Important Terms:
• Al-Namsa: is the one who plucks her or others eyebrows.
• Al-Mutnamsa: is the one who orders others to do so.
• The ruling for unmarried woman:
Threatening one to with the curse of Allah and his Prophet is a sign that an action is from the Major sins. In Islamic law when such a threat is issued it is evidence that the act is a major sin and a sign that the act is impermissible.

It is forbidden for a non married woman to have her eye brows plucked, except for the purpose of treatment, removing a defect, or refining excessive hair. Things other than this are prohibited.

• The ruling for a married woman:
It is permissible for a married woman to pluck her eyebrows with her husband's permission according to the majority of scholars, since, it is considered from what are classified in Islamic law as adornments [Ar: Zenah].

The narration of Bukra bint 'Uqba was used as evidence, when she asked 'Aisha may Allah be pleased with her about plucking her eyebrows, 'Aisha responded:If you are married, and by plucking your eyebrows you will make them attractive, then do it". Ahkam al-Nis'a Ibn al-Jawsi p.49

Al-Tabari mentioned a narration through the wife of Abu Ishaa, who was an attractive woman when she came to 'Aisha may Allah be pleased with her—she asked: “Should a woman pluck her facial hair for her husband?”
She answered:"Keep disturbances [from you and your husband] away as much as possible."

Allah the Majestic knows best.

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