Tubal ligation due to potential har...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Tubal ligation due to potential harm resulting from pregnancy


I suffer from nephritis and have undergone abortion 6 times. Doctors anticipate that another pregnancy might cause kidney failure. Is it permissible to undergo tubal ligation under these circumstances?


Permanent sterilization is unlawful in the absence of an overwhelming necessity because it terminates procreation which undermines the need to preserve lineage—one of the five exigencies which Islam has made among its principal objectives.

Circumstances permitting permanent sterilization
• When there is a necessity for such a procedure such as when a future pregnancy poses potential danger to a woman's life or when there is fear of transmitting a genetic disease to the fetus.
• Tubal ligation is permissible for a woman whose medical condition has been established by a trustworthy specialized physician.
• If it is determined that permanent sterilization is the only available option.
• The procedure itself must not pose danger to the woman.

The Ruling
It is permissible for a woman in the above mentioned circumstances to have the procedure done by a specialized physician and with the above mentioned restrictions.


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