We are going to publish a dhikr boo...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

We are going to publish a dhikr booklet in Japanese, how can we protect it from being desecrated by non Muslims?


I am Japanese convert. We decided to publish a booklet about Islam for newly converted to Islam and Japanese Muslims to increase there knowledge about Islam. The booklet includes dhikr like Subhan Allah in Arabic. The booklet is for Muslims but we are wondering if the booklet maybe given to non Muslims. We are worried that that they may throw it without thinking about the name of ALLAH in Arabic.


Sanctity is related only to the name of God Almighty and His beautiful names. This means that other Arabic words are not sanctified and can be disposed through different methods. As for your concern over the desecration of your booklet by non Muslims, it suffices you to point out the sanctity of the content of the book and people will understand that it contains religious teachings which universally require respect and reverence regardless of the religious affiliation of the reader.

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