The ruling for hajj as a grant or g...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

The ruling for hajj as a grant or gift


Currently, some ministries, authorities, and companies assist employees by giving them part or all the expenses of hajj based on certain policies which may include:

- Grants, gifts, or contributions.
- Organized and supervised hajj trips.
- Tokens of appreciation and rewards for officially recorded discernible work achievements.
- Tokens of loyalty for long service.


It is established in Islamic law that owning the expenses of hajj or 'umrah, (referred to in fiqh as having the expenses for provisions and transportation), is a condition for the obligation of hajj and not for its validity. This means that lacking these expenses at the time of hajj season does not render hajj invalid but only means that it is not an obligation for one who does not have the expenses needed to undertake it at that time. But if the expenses become available to him through a grant, gift, contribution, or through any other means as mentioned in the question, it is then permissible for him to make hajj from this money, and his hajj will be valid and fulfills the obligation. The same ruling applies for 'umrah.

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