Nullifiers of hajj

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Nullifiers of hajj


What are the things which nullify hajj?


Hajj is not nullified except by engaging in sexual intercourse or sexual foreplay before making partial release from ihram (state of pilgrim sanctity). This is based on the words of God Almighty Who says, “Let there be no sexual relations [with your wives], nor transgressions, nor wrangling in the hajj” (Quran 2: 197).

Engaging in sexual intercourse is not a reason to discontinue hajj and a pilgrim who does this is to complete the rest of the rites and perform a make-up hajj and sacrifice an animal the following year. Hajj is not nullified for a pilgrim who engages in sexual intercourse after partial release from ihram and before full release from it, though he is obliged to make expiation.

Continuing an act of worship which has become nullified is particular only to hajj and does not extend to other acts of worship.

A pilgrim who misses standing at 'Arafat, has forfeited his hajj due to the words of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) who said, "The hajj is 'Arafat." A pilgrim must release himself from ihram for hajj by performing 'umrah instead, and is obliged to perform a make-up hajj and slaughter an animal the following year.

And God Almighty knows best.

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