I am a doctor; can I leave Friday p...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

I am a doctor; can I leave Friday prayer to answer an emergency medical call?


I am a doctor and constantly on call and have to have my bleep or my phone at all times and I cannot hand it over to anyone to cover me at times. My on call includes cardiac arrest and /or trauma calls which require an immediate response. What is the ruling on praying Friday prayers with my phone or bleep with me in the Masjid during these prayers? Do I not attend Friday prayers in fear that my phone may disturb others praying in the Masjid? Is it acceptable for me to leave the Masjed during Friday prayer to respond to a trauma call or cardiac arrest call ?


Perform the prayers in the mosque and do not miss the Friday prayer. You can set your phone on the mode that does not disturb the people inside the mosque. As for leaving prayer due to an emergency, it is permissible.

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