Using admixed water for lifting a s...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Using admixed water for lifting a state of ritual major impurity and making ablution before bathing


- Is it necessary for water not to be admixed with anything so that it may be used to lift a state of major ritual impurity?

- Is it necessary to make ablution before bathing or is it permissible to bathe without making ablution?


Lifting a state of major ritual impurity

It is permissible to use water for purification as long as its color, taste, or smell has not changed to the extent that it cannot be termed 'water' and no impurities have fallen into it.


• It is recommended though not obligatory to perform ablution before bathing. This means that one receives a reward for performing ablution before bathing, though if he does not, his purificatory bath is valid.
• Bathing without performing ablution suffices to lift a state of major or minor ritual impurity.

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