Hajj fatwa 1

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Hajj fatwa 1


Would you kindly tell me the meaning of these terms (they are used for performing pilgrimage: - Rukn – Wajeb – Shart – Sunnah - Ja'ez – Makrouh - Mahzour



Rukn (integral): an act without which one's hajj is deemed incomplete.

- Wajeb (obligatory): an act which, if neglected, entails the slaughter of an animal.

- Shart (condition): it is connected to a certain action, and therefore entails variant rulings.

- Sunnah: an act that its doer will be rewarded and the one who refrains from it will not be blameworthy.

- Ja'ez: it is that which a pilgrim is permitted to do without being blameworthy.

- Makrouh: it is that which is preferable for a pilgrim to refrain from doing.

- Mahzour: is that which a pilgrim is obliged to refrain from.

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