Hanging photos on walls

Egypt's Dar Al-Iftaa

Hanging photos on walls


Are the personal photos of a deceased young lady, who did not wear the hijab, considered an ongoing sin?
What is the ruling for hanging her photos in the entryway of the house?
Will she be sinful if her non-mahrams (individuals to whom marriage is permissible) see her photo?


There is no harm in circulating photos of humans and animals since they only capture the rays of light and are free of imitating God’s creation about which makers of depictions were strongly warned. Hanging photos is permissible provided they are free of nudity and do not incite desire.

Photos of women not wearing their hijab must be concealed from non-mahrams

If a woman is photographed without her complete Islamic attire, she must be careful not to let anyone except her mahrams (those to whom marriage is impermissible) view her photos. This is because a woman is to cover those parts of her body that must be concealed, preserve her chastity and observe modesty.

The ruling

If after taking the necessary precautions, it happens that a non-mahram sees the photos, the woman is not blameworthy. It will not be considered an ongoing sin neither in her life nor after her death as it is claimed. The photos must not be put in a place where everyone may see them but must be concealed in the manner described above.

God Almighty knows best.

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