In Germany most of the mosques have...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

In Germany most of the mosques have contradicting opinion about the start of Ramadan. What should I do?


I am Egyptian living in Germany and most of the mosques here have contradicting opinions about when is Ramadan starting, and I cannot take a decision, as a prophylactic step I have started fasting and waiting for your decision whether I should continue fasting this day or I should start on Wednesday?
N.B. No one here tried to follow the appearance of the crescent; they are calculating it with some astrological measurements.


Honorable brother,
Fasting is decided according to sighting the new moon of the country of one's residence or any other country parallel of latitude. It is established in Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) that sighting the new moon of a country in the east can be followed by those in the west if they share the same latitude. This must be compatible with the astronomical calculations. This means that [astronomical] calculations are used to negate [erroneous] visual sightings of the new moon but not confirm them. This necessitates sighting the moon.

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