My father is adamant on postponing ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

My father is adamant on postponing my marriage plans. What should I do?


Salam Alykum

I am a Muslim girl studying in a European country. A Muslim young man proposed to me and wanted to meet my family to get married. However, my father doesn't want to meet him right now and is postponing the meeting for half a year without any reason. He said that it is better that we get to know each other more and to be sure that we want to get married. And that he is afraid that this issue will distract me from my doctoral studies. I see that these reasons are not good enough. And that him postponing it is religiously wrong. Especially that we both want to get married right away and there're no obstacles Alhamdulellah except my father. Does my father have the right to postpone meeting this young man for half a year? And what do you advise me to do especially that I'm living in the European country alone, my family is not with me and this young man is living in the same city where I am living?


Dear honorable sister,

A father is naturally disposed for seeking that which is good for his offspring and what is in their best interest. Your father's life experience and his protection over you exceed all your expectations. Therefore, you should accept his opinion or discuss the matter with him with objectivity to understand his point of view or to convince him with yours.

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