My husband wants me to take off my ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

My husband wants me to take off my hijab. What should I do?


I went to Hajj then decided to wear Hejjab afterwards. My husband got very angry and does not want to deal with me, talk to me or be in the same place with me unless I take it off. I am very content with wearing Hijab and do not want to take it off and do not want to break a 30 year marriage as well. My husband is getting very verbally abusive especially in front of people or just between the two of us. What is a reasonable solution for this matter? I want to add that my husband is a great person but he is not religious at all.


It is not allowed for a husband to force his wife to take off her hijab; it is impermissible to obey anyone with respect to disobeying Allah. You should be patient towards your husband's conduct, treat him kindly and do not renounce wearing hijab except for a necessity. Such as if things between you both reach the degree of divorce, thus taking off your hijab in this case would be form among taking the lesser of two harms.

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