Can I conduct an Urfi marriage with...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Can I conduct an Urfi marriage with my fiancée?


I am 42 years old and work in Libya and want to marry a Muslim lady that is 35 years old and Lives in UK. The lady was married before and has one daughter, but due to some work and family constraints, we want to have Urfi marriage and get two witnesses to sign this marriage paper document and keep it with her to save her rights. I will pay also her late dowry and monthly pocket money till we get officially married.
Please advise if there is any issue with this marriage.


In Shari'ah (Islamic law), marriage is considered valid when it meets the following integrals:
- The verbal form of (offer and acceptance)
- The presence of two male witnesses.
- Agreeing upon the dowry (mahr)
The official registration is only meant to keep the spouses rights from denial.
You should also perform Istikhara prayers (guidance prayers) so that Allah guides you.

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