Can I receive inheritance from my n...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Can I receive inheritance from my non Muslim parents or can I receive the money as a gift in their lifetime?


I understand that because I am a Muslim that I may not inherit from my non Muslim parents. Does this also mean that I may not be given a gift of money or some possessions from my parents instead of being written into the will or trust agreement? And if I am allowed to receive a gift, is there any limit on the value of such a gift? Also, I imagine that I must inform my parents that I can not serve as a substitute trustee of their estate. Am I correct in that? The trust that they had written by their attorney does not follow the Islamic way of inheritance and involves investing the trust corpus in speculative investments. Also, if you can please briefly explain why Muslim children are not allowed to inherit from their non Muslim parents, I would appreciate to know that.


There is no legal objection to a Muslim accepting a gift, bequest, or even take from the inheritance of a non-Muslim if given willingly. There is no limit to what a Muslim may take from a non-Muslim even if this includes all of his property, though he must give it willingly. There is likewise no objection to serving as substitute trustee of your parents' property.

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