I have a 9 year old girl. Should I ...

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I have a 9 year old girl. Should I allow her to go for a 3 day mixed gender school trip?


Al salamu Alaikum

My daughter is 9 years old in mixed (girls and boys) school in England and they have a school trip next June where they will be staying for 3 days. I would like to know whether I should/can send her please. She did not hit puberty yet, but she might be by then, so please tell me what the rule is for both child and for a pubescent girl.

Many thanks and Jazakom Allah khairan


Honorable sister,
This depends upon the system followed during the trip such as the accommodations, care system and the like. The mere presence of males and females in the same place is not prohibited in itself. Rather, the prohibition concerns the manner of their gathering if it contradicts the rulings of Islamic law. This includes, for example, women uncovering what they have been commanded to cover in Islamic law, gathering to commit an abominable act or sitting in unlawful privacy with the opposite sex. As for the prohibited mixing between the opposite sexes, it is that which involves touching and physical contact and not merely being present in the same place.

May Allah guide you to the right decision.

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