I am a Portuguese girl who married ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

I am a Portuguese girl who married a Jordanian guy but I am not sure if my marriage was Islamic. Can u advise me please?


Assalamu aleikum. I am a 21 year old Portuguese girl. I made a trip to Jordan, and there I met a Muslim man. After 4 years he came to my country and we got ''married''. We are now separated but I don't know if it was a real legal marriage. We went to the mosque and we talked to the Sheikh, he agreed to make our marriage without being a legal court marriage. He told me to repeat some things in Arabic, but I wanted to know what I was saying and I asked him to translate it. He refused to do it. We never had a paper saying that we were married, the sheikh only called two witnesses who were in the mosque, and that I didn’t know them. Now I would like to know if it was a legal Islamic marriage.
Thank you


It is not a condition for the validity of marriage that the two witnesses be from among the acquaintances of the spouses or any of them. Rather, it is obligatory that the two witnesses attend the sitting of conducting the marriage contract and hear the verbal form of offer and acceptance of the two parties involved [spouses]. Likewise, the spouses and witnesses must be aware that this is a sitting for conducting a lawful marriage.

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