My husband abuses me and I feel li...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

My husband abuses me and I feel like I am losing my faith. Can I remove my hijab?


My husband abuses me and I feel like I am losing my faith. Can I remove my hijab? Also I take pills which makes me drowsy most of the time and I can’t perform daily prayers at its prescribed times. What should I do?


God Almighty does not cause us to bear more than we can handle and He did not bring us into the world to be miserable. Therefore if you are unhappy with your current marriage and find yourself unable to continue this relationship, it is legally permissible for you to seek divorce because you are not obliged to live miserably as if you are in a prison.

If your husband is driving you to a miserable state where you need psychological help and find yourself unable to keep your faith intact, then leaving him and starting a new life is the answer.

You have to find your own strength and pull yourself out of this state of weakness and surrender and instead open up your heart and search for your happiness with enthusiasm and determination. I would advise you to supplicate God and seek His guidance to determine whether to continue your marriage should you feel your comfort there or leave your husband and seek your happiness somewhere else and rekindle your faith.

As for the daily prayers, there is no legal impediment to leaving prayers during your state of drowsiness and making them up when you regain consciousness.

As for the hijab [head scarf], it is a religious obligation upon adult Muslim women. You may limit your hijab to covering your hair and bosom without any excessiveness or exaggeration. The major sin you would be committing against yourself is to remain in this state of misery which has led you to your current psychological state and to let your life slip out of your hands. You have to regain control of your life and strengthen yourself through seeking God’s refuge and asking for His support as He is the most generous and caring. We wish you all happiness and good in this life and in the hereafter.

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