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Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

What are the benefits of reciting 99 names of Allah?


What are the benefits of reciting 99 names of Allah?


Most of Muslim scholars agree that the Beautiful Names of Allah are countless and Muslims fall short in perceiving their true essence. This is because Allah's beautiful Names include those He kept in the unseen realm; others that He will grant His Messenger on the Last Day [to supplicate Him through them] and those ones which lie beyond human perception.
As for the 99 Beautiful Names mentioned in the hadith, they are distinguished by certain special virtue. It is stated in the hadith that whoever from among Muslims perceives the 99 Names "Ahsaha" will be rewarded by the abode of Paradise. The Arabic term "Ahsaha" has many interpretations as follows:
- Know the 99 Names by heart [hifz];
- Realize its meanings;
- Believe in them out of firm conviction;
- Deduct them from the Qur'an;
- Abide by them in one's actions;
- Make them part of the daily portion or remembering Allah;
- Reflect on them;
- Study their meanings.
Allah Almighty knows best.

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