Moving one's finger during the reci...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Moving one's finger during the recitation of the tashahud


We have reviewed request no. 866 for the year 2005, which includes the following:

What is the ruling for moving one's finger during the recitation of the tashahhud? Is it an innovation or a sunnah?



Scholars are in general agreement that pointing with the forefinger during the recitation of the tashahhud, in expression of the oneness of God and as a sign of sincerity, is a recommended act. They differed on closing one's hand and pointing. This difference of opinion concerns superiority, and not permissibility since more than one method of pointing was mentioned in the noble Sunnah. Some scholars sufficed with pointing with the finger when reciting the tashahhud, while others maintained that it is recommended while pointing to move one's finger. All of this is considered among the lesser characteristics of prayer, which should not be done at the expense of presence of heart and mind.
And God knows best.

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