Using moisturizing creams and ointm...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Using moisturizing creams and ointments while fasting


What is the ruling on using moisturizing creams, ointments and hair nourishing oils which are absorbed by the skin and scalp?


Hanafi and Shafi'i scholars, as well as Al-Dardir from among the Malikis, have maintained that oils and creams rubbed on the head and abdomen do not invalidate fasting even if they reach an internal body cavity through the pores. This is because they do not reach an internal body cavity through an open orifice and because they are consistent with fasting. According to Al-Mirghinani in Al-Hidaya, oils and creams provide a kind of relief and are not among the things that nullify the fast.

The Malikis maintained in their well-known opinion, that if a person can taste the oils and creams in his throat, he must make up his fast due to the established principle of their school which states: "Any liquid that reaches the throat, even if through other than the mouth, invalidates the fast."

We maintain the opinion of the Shafi'i and Hanafi scholars, that oils and creams do not break the fast, relying on their authentic and strong evidences.

And God Almighty knows best.

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