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Dar al-Iftaa’s views on combating ideological extremism during the UN Summit

 Dar al-Iftaa’s views on combating ideological extremism during the UN Summit

Dr. Ibrahim Negm, Advisor to the Grand Mufti of Egypt, during his participation in the UN Summit on combating QSIS and violent extremism, distributed a memorandum containing Dar al-Iftaa’s views and strategies on fighting extremist ideologies.

In a press statement, Dr. Negm said that the memorandum containing Dar al-Iftaa’s strategies for combating extremism includes many important essential messages necessary for the understanding of this phenomenon threatening world peace and security.

It elucidates the intellectual and historical framework and premises of the political violence espoused by extremists, exposes their ideological structure, refutes the misconceptions on which they base their crimes and elucidates many Islamic concepts that have been both misinterpreted and exploited by extremists.
Dr. Negm explained that the memorandum puts responsibility on the international community to address this phenomenon and find effective solutions.

Dr. Negm continued, serves as an instructional guide to the media, especially Western media, and includes certain terms that must be avoided when referring to extremist groups. He said that such terms as Islamic State, jihadists, caliphate, sacred war etc. must be substituted with others that accurately describe and expose the truth of these extremists.

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