Egypt's Grand Mufti lectures at Ger...

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Egypt's Grand Mufti lectures at Germany's Bonn University

Egypt's Grand Mufti lectures at Germany's Bonn University

The Grand Mufti of Egypt, Dr.Shawki Allam, conducted yesterday a lecture at Germany's Bonn University, one of the scholarly giants and superb academic institutions of our time. Attendees included 500 professors of the University, German intellects, decision-makers and UN director in the city of Bonn.
In his lecture, Dr.Allam confirmed that extremism is not confined to Islamic faith; rater, it exists in all faiths. He added that terrorism requires a global stand to face and eradicate the heinous crimes those perpetrators commit against the innocent civilians and humanity in every part of the world.
On the sidelines of his visit, Dr.Allam had many interviews with international press included but not limited to Germany's Deutsche Welle, Huffington Post, Dutch TV and Sueddeutsche Zeitung.
Dr.Allam also met the heads of UN and Bonn Universities and they agreed to enhance the means towards achieving mutual scholarly and academic cooperation with Egypt's Dar al-Iftaa to resolve the threats facing humanity in our time. 

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