Chapter 5 The merits of prostration...

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Chapter 5 The merits of prostration (Sujud) before Allah, the exalted

Chapter 5 The merits of prostration (Sujud) before Allah, the exalted

Ma'dan ibn Abi Talha said: "I met Thawban, the protego (mawla) of Allah's messenger (PBUH), and asked him: 'tell me about some action for me to perform, for which Allah will admit me to paradise' (Or he may have said 'about the most loved actions {in the sight of Allah}').

{Thawban} said nothing. I then asked him again, and he remained silent. I then asked him a third time, and he replied: 'I asked the prophet (PBUH) about that, and he told me: you must perform sujud frequently, for whenever you perform a single postration (sujud) Allah thereby raises you one degree higher and removes one sin from your record'''.

(Related by Muslim, at-Tirmidhi, an-Nisa'i, and Ibn Majah)

According to Ubadah ibn as-Samit, he heard the prophet (PBUH) say: "When any servant performs a sajdah before Allah, Allah records for him a good deed (Hasanah) for it, creases one of his sins, and raises himby one degree; so endeavor to prostrate yourselves frequently''.

 (Related by Ibn Majah)

Hudhayfah recounted that the prophet (PBUH) declared: ''There is no state in which a servant {of Allah} could be dearer to him than when Allah sees him in Sajdah, covering his face with dust''.

(Related by at-Tabarani)

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