Chapter 6 Merits of charity (Sadaq...

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Chapter 6 Merits of charity (Sadaqah)

Chapter 6  Merits of charity (Sadaqah)


Ka'ab Ibn 'Ujrah reported that the messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: ''O Ka'b Ibn 'Ujrah, no flesh or blood grown on illicit gains will ever enter paradise: Hell-Fire is more fitting for them. O Ka'b Ibn 'Ujrah, there is two kinds of people. One kind aim to ransom their souls and so set them free; another kind put their souls in shackles. O Ka'b ibn 'Ujrah, prayer (Salah) is a qurban (a means of approaching Allah); fasting (sawm) is a shield; and charity (Sadaqah) washes away sins as {easily as} ice slides over rocks''.

(Related by ibn Haibban)

 Mu'adh ibn Jabal stated, ''I was with the prophet (PBUH) on a journey'', and narrated the same Hadith as above, but with the following difference: ''He – meaning the prophet (PBUH) – then said, 'should I not guide you to the doors of goodness (Khayr)?'. I replied, 'Yes indeed, O messenger of Allah'. He said: 'Fasting is a shield; and charity puts out sins just as water puts out fire'''.

(related by at-Tirmidi)

''The messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: 'Truly, Charity quenches the burning if the grave for those who practise it. On the day of resurrection, the believer will find shade only in the shadow of charity that the grave'''.

(Related by at-Tabarani and and al-Bayhaqi)

Maymunah bint Saad narrated that she once asked: "O messenger of Allah, give us your ruling about charity''. Practise it with a view to the hereafter, seeking only the face of Allah most mighty and glorious''.

(Related by at-Tabarani)

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