Chapter 24 Moral maladies

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Chapter 24 Moral maladies

Chapter 24 Moral maladies

Abu Dharr reported that Allah's messenger (PBUH) said: ''there are three types of people whom Allah will neither speak nor even look at on the day of resurrection. He will not purify them, and theirs will be a painful chastisement''. He repeated that three times. {Abu Dharr} then asked: ''O messenger of Allah, they have failed and lost every thing! Who are they?''. He answered: ''those who trail {their garments from arrogance}, and those who make their merchandise more saleable by swearing false oath''.
(Related in five collections, al-Bukhari being the exception)

According to Abu Barazah al-Aslami, the prophet said: ''What I most fear for you are the excessive appetites of your stomachs and private parts, and trials that tempt you to go astray''.
(Related by Razin)

Jabir ibn Abdallah al-Ansari reported that the messenger of Allah said: ''Beware of committing oppression (Zulm)! Oppression becomes manifold darkness (Zulmat) on the Day of Judgment. Beware too of avarice! Avarice destroyed those who lived before you: it led them to shed one another's blood and to consider lawful what was forbidden them''.
(Related by Muslim)

According to jundub, Allah's messenger (PBUH) said, ''Whoever speaks of someone's unknown faults, Allah will speak of his; and whoever makes them visible, Allah will do the same to him''.
(related by al-bukhari and muslim)

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