The Mufti condemns all forms of vio...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

The Mufti condemns all forms of violence and terrorism which are categorically forbidden in Islam

The Mufti condemns all forms of violence and terrorism which are categorically forbidden in Islam

The Grand Mufti of Egypt, Dr. ShawqiAllam, addressed the nation today and extended his sincere condolences to all the Egyptian families who have lost a loved one in the recent incidents as well as to the families of the martyrs of the army and police forces who have lost their lives in the recent attacks the last of which was the terrorist massacre in Rafah today morning.

In his address aired on Egyptian State television and many satellite channels, the Grand Mufti stressed his full condemnationof all forms of violence and terrorism that have been categorically prohibited by Islam. He warned Egyptians, especially the youth, against engaging in any fighting that lacks religious legitimacy or any interest except foreign intervention from the country’s enemies.

He added that all Egyptians must protect Egyptian state institutions against any attacks because they are considered a crime punishable by both law and religion. The Grand Mufti prohibited carrying weapons in protests and sit-ins since this includes a presumption of attacking people and establishments. Moreover, using weapons in peaceful protests which are considered a means of expression confutes their peacefulness.

The Grand Mufti called upon the security authorities to implement the principle of sovereignty of law, prevent lawlessness, and bring perpetrators before justice. He also strongly denounced the infringements, torching, and destruction of houses of worship, stressing that such attacks are renounced by Islamic law.

The Grand Mufti of Egypt called upon all Egyptians to recognize the commonalities between them, the most important of which is the concept of nation and its higher interests. This is because it is the most important commonality between the Egyptian people at present, a matter that mandates exerting all efforts to preserve it, its destiny, establishments, and interests. He added that the Companions of the Prophet did not always agree but we have never heard that their difference of opinions caused enmity between them or that it made them insult, fight, or accuse one another of betrayal, disbelief or introducing innovations in religion.

In his address, the Grand Mufti stressed that taking advantage of religious edicts to deepen dissonance between Muslims and the sons of one nation is considered accusing others without right and defaming their religion simply because of political controversy. This is indeed loathsome and prohibited by Islamic law.

The Grand Mufti called upon the necessity of promoting the culture of “the honest word” especially during these times perchance a good word may prevent bloodshed and reconcile disputants and perchance an evil word may cause bloodshed and increase discord between the sons of one nation. He stressed that everyone must be conscious of God with regards to what He says and that verification must be the methodology followed in dealing with events; our motto should therefore be “let one speak good or remain silent”.

At the end of his address, the Grand Mufti of Egypt gave glad tidings to all Egyptians and said that God the Exalted will not forfeit Egypt but will protect it from every evil. He called upon Egyptians to pray to God that Egypt may emerge from this crisis stronger and to unite and reconcile the hearts of Egyptians.

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