Suicide operations are defying the ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Suicide operations are defying the sanctity of life

Suicide operations are defying the sanctity of life


Dar al-Ifta` has issued a fatwa maintaining that suicide operations and bombings targeting civilians are prohibited in Islamic law. It is said that such acts have nothing to do whatsoever with Islam and are major sins for which Allah the Almighty has promised severe punishment. The fatwa asserted that Islamic law honors human life and severely prohibits its bloodshed without right. Allah considers the unjust killing of innocent individuals, whether Muslims or non-Muslims, is tantamount to killing all mankind. The fatwa stated that, if it is impermissible during actual battle against enemies to kill women who do not participate in war, children, old men, and those who are employed in work other than warfare, then a fortiori, other occasions. Islamic law obligates the preservation of five matters which are considered sacrosanct by all religions: life, religion, intellect, dignity and property; these are called the five objectives of Islamic law; terrorist operations and bombings violate the sanctity of lives and property. A person who detonates himself is considered to have committed suicide and falls under the words of the Prophet [peace and blessings be upon him] who said, “Whosoever kills himself with any object in this world will be tortured with it on the Day of Judgment.”

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