CNN Interviews the Grand Mufti on t...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

CNN Interviews the Grand Mufti on the atrocities of QSIS

CNN Interviews the Grand Mufti on the atrocities of QSIS

CNN has conducted an important interview with Dr. Shawki Allam, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, during which he spoke about many matters that have recently taken center stage in international media reporting.

Dr. Allam said that the entire world must take Egypt’s statements about terrorism seriously and that all countries should unite against terrorism. He criticized the world’s failure to heed these warnings for more than thirty years.

Dr. Allam added that the execution of the Jordanian pilot, Mu’adh Al-Kasasbaeh at the hands of QSIS, known by the media as ISIL, is a heinous crime and a barbaric act that is contrary to sound human nature and the teachings of religions. He pointed out that radicalism and violence have become an international phenomenon that have no home or religion, adding that it is unfair to restrict creedal and ideological wars to Egypt and the Middle East.
Dr. Allam stressed that terrorism threatens the entire world and no one is immune to it and that its perpetrators spread corruption on earth, misunderstand religious texts and exploit them to achieve their base aims.

He further emphasized the prohibition of joining these armed groups and organizations which seek to sow destruction and distort the image of Islam globally by their barbaric acts that have nothing to do with Islam or humanity.
Dr. Allam added that renewing religious discourse through renewing the methods, tools and ways the rulings and teachings of Islam are presented has become a pressing necessity though this must be carried out without encroaching upon the agreed upon fundamentals of religion.

He further said that the absence of intellectual persuasion from religious discourse undermines its advocative role and value. Dr. Allam advised Muslim youths living in Europe who contemplate joining terrorist groups to seek specialized scholars to understand the true meaning and teachings of Islam. He said: “We tell youths, Islam has never called for ruin and destruction; rather, it came to administer the earth and serve humanity and to achieve world peace and spread mercy.”

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