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Commentary of the Grand Mufti of Egypt on Sheikh al-Azhar's Statement

Commentary of the Grand Mufti of Egypt on Sheikh al-Azhar's Statement

The Grand Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Shawqi 'Allam, extended his sincere and heartfelt greetings to His Eminence Dr. Ahmed al-Tayyeb, Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar, on the occasion of the word he addressed to the Egyptian people last night. In a press statement, the Mufti confirmed that the great stances of the Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar reflect the vision of the noble Azhar, which is ever known as a cynosure for enlightened religious thought and a protective shelter for the community values that peacefully gather all Egyptians with their various trends and affiliations.

The Mufti added that all Egyptians realize the nature of the historical rolethat has made the noble Azhar a resort and reference for all Egyptians especially at time of crises. This really has placed the Azhar as a fundamental tool that guarantees the Egyptians unity throughout history. The Mufti stressed that, at hard times, the Azhar was always the clear voice headed by its scholars who guide people to that which is best for themselves and for their country.

The Mufti clarified that the Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar performs a prominent patriotic role that is greatly appreciated by the entire community, inside and outside Egypt, with respect to defending the higher interests of the religion and Egyptian country. The Mufti asserted that Dar al-Ifta al-Missriyyah (Egyptian house of fatwa) is part of the Azhari institution which ever endeavors to reform the community and strengthens its pillars during the coming phase under the shelter of the noble Azhar.

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