Dar al-Iftaa: Call it Qada Separa...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Dar al-Iftaa: Call it Qada Separatists (QS) not an Islamic State (IS)

  Dar al-Iftaa: Call it Qada Separatists (QS) not an Islamic State (IS)

Dar al- Iftaa calls the international media to change the name of "ISIS" to become "QSIS" in short for Qada Separatists in Iraq and Syria. This international campaign will include the launch of a new page in the English language titled " Call it QS not IS" on facebook. This page aims at clarifying the tarnished image of Islam across the globe due to the terrorist group's horrendous act of attaching the name of Islam to their appalling acts which could not be justified under any religion or creed.

Muslim and non-Muslim thinkers across the world are invited to post their opinions, videos and posts against Qada Separatists (QS). Dar al-Iftaa looks for the engagement of both Muslims and non-Muslims around the world to be an active participant in this international campaign which does not only seek to exonerate the name of Islam from the terrorist group's heinous acts but also to condemn these dreadful acts under the name of humanity.

Active participation in the international campagain could be through posting few-minutes videos in the English language as an act of support for humanity against the terrorist acts of Qada Separatists (QS).

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