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The Grand Mufti to the Russian News Agency: We offer all the necessary support for the Muslims in Russia

The Grand Mufti to the Russian News Agency: We offer all the necessary support for the Muslims in Russia

Dr. Sahwki Allam, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, stressed the importance and depth of the Egyptian Russian relations as he mentioned that Dar al-Iftaa is among the first Islamic institutions that gave great interest to the Muslims in Russia and has established a Russian department exclusively for answering the legal inquiries from Russia.

The Grand Mufti further added, the 20 million Muslims in Russia create a golden opportunity and strong push to achieve a breakthrough in the relationship between Egypt and Russia.

Dr. Allam, stated that Egypt’s regional endeavors to counter both terrorism and radicalism attract the attention and support from the Russian president Putin and the Islamic institutions in Russia. These are brave endeavors and great responsibility undertaken by Egypt for representing the true image of Islam which is far away and distant from extremism and he emphasized that al-Azhar will remain as a symbol of Islamic moderation domestically and internationally.

He further emphasized that Egypt-Russia relations are firmly established and Russia is among the first countries that supported Egyptian people in addition to the strong and bilateral relations between the Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The Grand Mufti further stressed the importance and necessity of effective communication with Russian Muslims through cooperation with the Islamic institutions in Russia, the council of Russian Muslims and receiving the Russian mufti sheikh, Muhammad Rahimov last year.

At the end, the Grand Mufti stated that Dar al-Iftaa offers all the necessary support to all Muslims through answering their religious fatwas in 10 languages in which the Russian enjoys special importance. Furthermore, the Dar has gifted the Russian Mufti with an electronic copies of the Dar al-Iftaa’s fatwas as it trains and qualifies the Russian students on the necessary skills of issuing fatwas. Dar al- Iftaa further delegates its scholars to different parts of the world for refuting the misconceptions against Islam and representing its true image.

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