The Grand Mufti to the UK Times: "W...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

The Grand Mufti to the UK Times: "We will eradicate the cancer of QSIS"

The Grand Mufti to the UK Times: "We will eradicate the cancer of QSIS"

In a precedent, the first of its kind, the UK Times newspaper conducted an important interview with Dr. Shawki Allam, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, on "Egypt's Mufti vows to eradicate the intellectual cancer of QSIS".

The interview included a number of important messages aimed at correcting the image of Islam, which has been subject to purposeful distortion recently.

The religious institution in Egypt, topped by the noble Azhar, vehemently condemns all forms of violence and terrorism in the name of religion and the horrific acts of the terrorist group naming itself "Islamic State" is not in line with Islamic teachings, Grand Mufti told the Times.

Dr. Shawki Allam informed the Times of Egypt's Dar al-Ifta unremitting efforts to confront and respond to the extremist ideologies, following a scholarly methodology, to protect young people against falling prey to it. This included the recent release of a book in English titled, "The Ideological Battlefield", which refutes and responds to the false claims of QSIS and other terrorist groups. In addition to creating an official page on Facebook, in Arabic and English, to respond to these extremist ideologies, in cooperation with the Dar's observatory that monitors infidelizing fatwas.

The Grand Mufti, addressed a very important message to the British government, confirming that Egypt is the land of safety. And thus the entire world should know very well that it will defeat terrorism and the waves of violence are on their way to disappear.

He also confirmed that the Egyptian army is strong, united, possesses the means and ability to defeat terrorism and regain stability.

Likewise, Dr. Shawki pointed out that Egyptian Judiciary is independent, and referring death sentences to the Dar is nothing but a phase in the process to achieve complete justice.
The Grand Mufti concluded that the manifestations of political violence spreading in the world have nothing to do with the teachings of religions. Rather, it relates to many complicated factors that we need to thoroughly understand to eradicate them.


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